10 ways you know when your wedding gown is 'the one'

10 ways you know when your wedding gown is ‘the one’

Real brides share the moment they found their dream dress

Author: Elderberry Brides

Ten tell-tale signs that you’ve found the dress of your dreams

A recent post by the popular bridal website UK Bride asked their many Facebook fans a question. They simply asked, how did you know your wedding dress was ‘the one’?

This is hugely important to a bride because it’s the fulfillment of a lifetime’s ambition to look as glamorous and feel as beautiful as she possibly can on her special day and her wedding dress is very high on the list of things to help her achieve that.

So where better to ask the question than a group of brides who have experienced exactly how they felt when they knew in their heart-of-hearts that their wedding dress was the right one for them.

The moment of truth

Every bride is unique so each bride’s response provides us with a wonderful insight into how they knew their moment had arrived.

The following are comments from real life brides:

  • 1. “I didn’t want to take the dress off”.
  • 2. “For the first time I actually felt beautiful”.
  • 3. “I cried when I saw myself in the mirror”.
  • 4. “My mum cried when she saw me in the dress”.
  • 5. “The dress felt like it was mine”.
  • 6. “I couldn’t take my eyes off the dress”.
  • 7. “I felt like a princess”.
  • 8. “I kept going back to one dress”.
  • 9. “When I put the dress on it took my breath away”.
  • 10. “The dress just really suited my personality”.

There were many more replies from other brides whose contributions ranged from humorous to sentimental. One bride commented tongue-in-cheek, “I knew it had to be ‘the one’ because it was the most expensive in the shop. Trust me!”

While another bride touchingly related how her perfect gown was actually her mother’s dress. She recalls, “I remember being five years old and thinking she looked like a princess. Twenty five years later I knew it was still the perfect dress.”

Experience tells us that there's a gown for every bride

Looking for your perfect gown should always be a fun and exciting time.

A gown for every bride

The ‘this is it’ moment is a very personal feeling and it’s true to say that not every bride will have this experience however looking for your perfect gown should always be a fun and exciting time.

For most brides, searching for ‘the one’ is reasonably straightforward while for others it may take some time and involve making a number of decisions. Happily, experience tells us that in the end, there’s always a gown for every bride.

A wonderful experience

As a bridal boutique, we’re lucky enough to witness first hand the thrill of seeing how brides react to finding their gown and enjoy what is a truly momentous occasion for the bride. Her Bridal Consultant will savour the moment too as she stands amongst the broad smiles, giggles or happy tears knowing that her sole aim all along was to help the bride find ‘the one’ from the moment she requested an appointment.

So if you’re currently searching for your dream wedding dress and you get a feeling similar to those the other brides have shared, there’s a strong possibility that you might just have found ‘the one’.

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