5 top tips to help choose your perfect wedding dress

5 top tips to help choose your perfect wedding gown

Important things for a bride to consider when searching for her dream wedding dress

Author: Elderberry Brides

Five essential tips to make sure that choosing your wedding dress is as stress-free as possible

Ordinary is not a word that’s normally associated with wedding dresses and no bride has ever needed to be reminded that her wedding dress must be anything but.

As if that wasn’t enough, the process of choosing your dream wedding gown is rarely a process that can be described as ordinary either as wedding dress shopping is unlike the high street shopping that brides are more accustomed to.

Much of the anxiety experienced by many brides is down to the simple fact that she’s desperately keen to grace her special day in a truly spectacular gown that will make her the centre of attention and remain a wonderful reminder when she looks back at her photos or even video in years to come.

So how can brides prepare themselves for that all important search for ‘the one’ without feeling the strain? We’ve drawn up five essential tips to make sure that choosing your wedding gown is as stress-free as possible.

Simply ask yourself the following questions as you go about your search:

1. Is the dress in the style of my wedding?

Pause for a moment and consider your dress and your wedding together. While it’s a good idea to choose a dress that fits in with your theme to provide continuity to your day, it’s also important to balance this with making sure that the dress is really ‘you’ and that it reflects your personality and your personal taste.

2. Am I within my budget?

We’d encourage every bride to work out a budget beforehand and bear it in mind when wedding dress shopping. It’s very tempting to consider dresses that are completely outside of your comfort zone in terms of affordability. Make sure that a dress that’s tugging at your heart strings isn’t tugging too hard on your purse strings.

3. Does the dress flatter me?

Brides come in many shapes and sizes so it’s very important to take your body shape into account when choosing your wedding dress. Bridal gowns that often look stunning on the shop rail might not do you justice once you’ve tried it on.

Similarly, a dress with zero ‘hanger appeal’ can look totally fab when slipped on. Even though your wedding dress is effectively a one-off, it doesn’t mean you should abandon styles that you know suit you and this is one area where you should be open to constructive help and advice.

4. Is the dress practical?

It’s not enough for a bride to look fantastic during her wedding day, she must also feel fantastic and a lot of that is down to the comfort and practicality of her dress. Make sure that your dress will allow you the freedom to move around and do all the things you’d realistically expect to do throughout the day.

Think about the basics such as walking, sitting and kneeling. A dress that’s too restrictive will likely be a nuisance to you so aim for ease and comfort. Some dresses, for instance, have detachable trains which can be set aside for more demanding activities such as dancing.

5. What about my underwear and shoes?

As already mentioned, being both comfortable and practical is incredibly important for a bride so some thought needs to be given to other aspects of your wedding day attire when choosing a dress.

Firstly, consider what underwear you’ll be wearing especially if you’re a woman who needs good underbust support. A backless dress for example might be an option only if you’re prepared to go braless or wear a ’stick-on’ bra.

Secondly, contemplate how the length of a particular dress will measure up to the shoe height you have in mind. Better still, take along shoes of a similar height to those you’ll be wearing on the day. The hemline of your dress will be determined by your shoes so it’s vital to pick your heel height before undertaking any dress length measurements or alterations.

By following the five points listed above, this will help you to make the process of choosing your wedding dress a lot easier.

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