Everything you need to know about your first bridal appointment

Everything you need to know about your first bridal appointment

First time visit to a bridal salon? Not sure how to prepare or what to take with you?

Author: Elderberry Brides

Here are a few simple steps you can take to help you get the most out of your visit and make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

No bride-to-be ever needed to be reminded that she’s searching for no ordinary dress for no ordinary occasion. When it comes to clothes shopping, her wedding dress is without doubt the biggy. It’s ‘the one’. Watch out world, operation ‘dream dress’ is under way.

It’s sometimes the case though that only when appointments have been booked, family and friends organised and travel plans put in place that a realisation dawns on the bride that she hasn’t experienced her own bridal appointment before and, truth be known, she doesn’t really know what she should do to prepare for her visit nor what she should take.

The reluctant bride

While it’s true to say that most brides will be really keen to get cracking in the search for their dream dress, some brides won’t be quite as enthusiastic. Reasons can vary from a touch of nerves or a bit of uncertainty to more personal concerns. This is all perfectly understandable of course and by mentioning your concerns early on, your bridal consultant will be better able to help those brides who don’t relish dress shopping.

Whether you’d describe yourself as a ‘fearless bride’, a ‘hesitant bride’ or a ‘somewhere-in-between bride’, the following list should help you enormously in preparation for your initial visit.

So what exactly should a bride do when faced with her first bridal appointment?

Be prepared

The best place to start is by making sure you’re well-prepared. This means creating a checklist, mental or otherwise, of things to do before setting off for the bridal boutique.

Make sure you leave with plenty of time to spare so that you don’t feel pressured or hurried before you even arrive and especially if you’re visiting an unfamiliar town. Nothing is worse than turning up for a bridal appointment hot, bothered and breathless.

The mindset

In an ideal world, choosing a wedding dress would always be a total blast and, indeed, that’s how it is for many brides. But in the real world there’s always the potential for things to stop that happening. So try and be as relaxed as you can. Make an effort to ‘go with the flow’ and above all, be open-minded. This will increase the likelihood of you having an enjoyable experience as well improving the chances of finding your dream gown.

The research

Take along any pictures you’ve collected from bridal magazines or saved to your phone of dress designs that really appeal to you and inspire you. This will give your bridal consultant a good idea of where to start with the type of gown styles you have in mind and would like to try.


If you already have your bridal shoes, take them with you. If you don’t have your shoes but you have a favourite pair that you’d like to match the heel height against, it’s a good idea to take those instead. Alternatively, most bridal stores will have shoes available that you can try on during your try-on session so dont be afraid to ask.


Don’t be too concerned with your choice of underwear on your first visit, just wear something that you feel comfortable in. The style, fit and material of your gown will ultimately determine what type of underwear will be most appropriate for you on the day.

The personal touch

Remember that the gowns you’re going to try on are not sale-or-return items and have almost certainly been purchased by the bridal shop. Any marks that result from a fitting can be very costly to to the business owner so make sure you keep your make-up to an absolute minimum for your appointment. Similarly, remove any traces of self-tan products too as this can easily rub off onto the dresses and cause a major inconvenience. A little bit of respect for the gowns will be greatly appreciated by the shop owner and other brides.

Jewellery and heirlooms

Bring the bling. If you have some jewellery or an heirloom handed down to you through the family and you’re thinking about incorporating it into a dress, take it with you and explain to your bridal consultant exactly what you have in mind. This is especially important if the item has a colour in it that you’d like to use as your wedding theme.

Shopping companions

Mum, sis, gran, close relatives and best friends are all popular choices for brides to take with them on their shopping trip for a wedding gown. However, whenever there are too many people it’s likely there will also be too many opinions. This will often create doubt or even confusion for the bride. So don’t invite too many ‘helpers’ along to your fitting. Be selective, it’ll go a long way to help make sure that it’ll be a happy experience for everyone involved.

Finally, make sure you enjoy yourself with your family and/or your friends and try to have fun because it really is a great part of the wedding experience. Over many years, Elderberry Brides has welcomed thousands of brides who are visiting for the first time so if you have any questions or concerns about your first visit, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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