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We all have questions to ask when we’re in the process of making important decisions so we thought it’d be really useful to share the answers to many of our most frequently asked questions.

Q. Where is Elderberry Brides?

A. We’re located in the town centre of Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK.

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Q. When are you open?

A. We’re open six days a week from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00am - 5.00pm and Sunday from 11.00am - 4.00pm. We’re closed on Mondays and Bank Holidays.

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Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. We strongly advise our customers to make an appointment so that you not only get the benefit of a fully personalised service but also avoid the inconvenience of having to wait unnecessarily. Our focus will be to assist those brides who have made a prior appointment.

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Q. What dress sizes do you stock?

A. We stock dresses of all sizes from size UK 6 upwards. We’re also UK specialists in plus size bridal wear to meet the needs of the fuller figure bride with wedding gowns up to size UK 30. At any time we have a large selection of gorgeous, plus size bridal gowns available in store.

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Q. What’s the delivery time for a wedding dress?

A. The delivery time for an ordered wedding gown varies slightly depending on the manufacturer. Typically, it takes between 16 and 20 weeks for the dress to arrive so we advise planning at least six months ahead to complete the order cycle. Don’t worry, you’ll be notified as soon as your gown has arrived along with details of what to do next.

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Q. What’s the delivery time for bridesmaids dresses?

A. The delivery time for ordered bridesmaids or flower girls dresses typically takes between 16 and 20 weeks to arrive so we advise planning at least six months ahead to complete the order cycle. We’ll let you know as soon as your goods have arrived along with details of what to do next.

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Q. Can I buy ‘off the peg’?

A. We are open to selling our gowns direct from the rail (or ‘off the peg’) particularly if the time to your wedding day is short (3 months or less) and you need a dress quickly. However, if time allows, we generally prefer to place an order for a brand new dress made especially for you.

Q. Why are no prices shown?

A. In short, our suppliers don’t allow it. Most of them set recommended retail prices (RRPs) that we stockists are requested to stick to. You can, however, see our price guide for each of our labels on our bridal wear page. We also frequently run special offers and other discount promotions.

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Q. How do I place an order and pay?

A. You can place an order in store either by cash or cheque as well as most major credit and debit cards. We can also accept orders in writing. We do not currently offer any forms of credit, therefore, all gowns must be paid for in full either before or on collection or before despatch.

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Q. Can I request fabric samples?

A. We accept requests for samples for bridesmaids gowns and can supply you with a small sample within one to two weeks. However, this is not always possible for every bridal gown collection as not all manufacturers supply them. Always get in touch with us first to see if we’re able to provide you with a fabric sample for your florist or wedding venue.

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Q. What if I need alterations done?

A. Elderberry Brides has a full, in-house gown alteration service for wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and other special occasion wear.

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If your question wasn’t listed above, either get in touch now or call us on 01256 474004. Please note that an answering machine is in operation when the shop is closed.

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